Every end user of the airports managed by the AAP Joint Venture, either passenger or transported cargo owner has the right to submit its writing claim in the following cases:

  • If you considered incorrect the billing and charging for using the airport infrastructure.
  • If you have a complaint against the quality and timely delivery of airport services. 
  • If you have suffered damage or loss caused by negligence, incompetence or fraud from officials and / or personnel of Aeropuertos Andinos del Perú at any airport managed by the AAP Joint Venture. 
  • If you have received incomplete or incorrect information about fares or prices of the services provided by the AAP Joint Venture on posters and panels. 
  • Infrastructure in poor condition  
  • Due to limitations in access to infrastructure and / or airport services. 


The end user must submit its claim, in the air terminal counter in which the events occurred.

Claims can be submitted until 60 days after the event. All claims are received.


Required documents for submitting claims: 

  • The claim form, given free by AAP, with all the requested data.
  • Information relating to the submitted complaint, identifying and stating the complaint fact and the venue in which it occurred. 
  • Arguments of fact, to justify the claim and legal arguments if it is the case.
  • Simple copy of your ID number or passport
  • Simple copy of documentary evidence of the offense. 

The user will have a sealed copy of its claim as an evidence file. This copy will show the date and time on which the claim was made.

The processing of claims is free. 

The claim resolution deadline is XX weekdays after submitted.