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Tacna, is known in Peru as the heroic city, for its history full of epic facts and uprisings, since the rebellion of Manco II in 1536. In the early nineteenth century, it was the scene of major uprisings for independence, as the Zela and Pallardeliin uprising, and between 1836 and 1839, it hosted the Congreso de la Confederación Perú Boliviana  (Congress of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation), promoted by Mariscal boliviano Andrés de Santa Cruz (Bolivian Marshal Andrés de Santa Cruz ). After the Pacific War, Tacna was annexed by Chile until 1929, when it returned to Peru. The last military uprising, in charge of General Francisco Morales Bermúdez, occurred in this city, in 1975, and it is remembered as the "Tacnazo".

Tourist attractions

This southern city, Jorge Basadre Grossman birthplace, the most important contemporary Peruvian historian, is full of attractions for history lovers.

The Zela and Basadre houses, converted into museums, the Cathedral, built by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Museo Histórico (Historical Museum) and the Museo de la Reincorporación (Reincorporation Museum), located in the Casa Jurídica, are important places to visit in this city that has the only Islamic temple of Peru, the Bab ul Islam Mosque, built by a Pakistani community arrived into the country at the end of the last century. The Museo Ferroviario (Railway Museum) and Parque de la Locomotora (Locomotive Park) are other options of interest.

Those who want to leave the city, have tours that include visits to wine, pisco and macerated cellars as well as to the Petroglifos de Miculla (Miculla Petroglyphs). If you seek for a peaceful small rural town with beautiful countryside and good traditional restaurants, you can visit Pocollay. You can also enjoy medical hot springs of the small town of Calientes. Another option is to use the Corredor Turístico Internacional Tacna – Arica (Tacna - Arica International Tourist Corridor) and cross the border with Chile.

Other tourist attractions: Catedral de La Ciudad de Tacna, Pila Ornamental, Teatro Municipal, Museo Ferroviario, Parque de la Locomotora, Museo Histórico del Inca, Arco Parabólico, Alameda Bolognesi, Casa Jurídica, Complejo Monumental del Campo de la Alianza, Valle Viejo de Tacna, Fuentes Termales de Calientes - Pachía, Complejo Arqueológico de Miculla, Balneario Boca del Río, Playa los Palos.


Tacna typical food can be enjoyed at La Glorieta, old restaurant that conserves the traditional flavor of the region, but also offers the possibility to enjoy seafood dishes and excellent grilled meats.

Chez Maggy is for those who like pizza. It is a national restaurant chain with over 30 years in the market.

Another good option is to visit the seafood restaurant Mar Adentro, famous for its ceviches and whose owner has his own winery and distillery of Pisco.

Do not forget to enjoy the excellent macerated pisco of fruits of the region. 


In Tacna you will find many excellent three stars hotels as the Gran Hotel Tacna, with over 60 years of prestigious trajectory and safe accommodation of all personalities who visit the city. It is located two blocks from the Plaza de Armas, in a beautiful building from the middle of the last century, surrounded by gardens where you can enjoy the sun on the terraces nearby to the pools. Besides its traditional personal service, now you have the advances in technology, such as wireless Internet and cable TV. Another good option is the Holiday Suites Hotel, which also has green areas and swimming pools and all the innovations of technology. Holiday Suites offers to their guests a VIP Lounge at the airport and shuttle service between the hotel and airport.

Hotel Dirección Pagina Web
Valle Cardenas Isabek Reyna Calle Pallardeli N° 105  
Hotel Premier S.A. Av. Bolognesi Nº 804
Martínez Chura Karina Haydee Av. Leguía 1085
Derrama Magisterial Av. Bolognesi Nº 300
Obra Kolping Del Perú  Rufino Albarracin N° 1002
Quispiyocya de Palomino Norma Abilia Calle Hipolito Unanue 462  
Calixto de la Rosa Nicanor Calle Hipolito Unanue Lt 39-40 Ce. El Triangulo  
Diez de Lamantagne Edith Zoila Amanda Calle Miller 22 Urb.  
Mamani Huamantuma Sebastian Av. Circunvalacion Mz A Lt 1 As. la Florida  
Trejo Calderon Ruby Amparo Calle Loreto 225  
Hotel Fontes S.A.C Av. San Martin 957  
Molina Chura Eugenio Felix Calle San Roman 830 Urb. Santa Rosa  
Pareja Condori Bonifacio Calle Tarapaca 1055 P.j. Vigil  
Camino Real  S.A. Servicios Turísticos Av. San Martín N° 855  
Fernandez Quiroz Gilberto  Av. San Martín 558  
Perea Gutierrez Jorge Ernesto  Calle Patricio Meléndez 716  
Mamani de churqui Clotilde  Jose Olaya Nº 386  
Gran Hotel Central S.R.Ltda. Av. San Martín Nº 561
Arcaya Chura Dionicio Av. Vigil 259-A  
Gutierrez Retamozo Lorenzo Calle Varela N° 600  
Alarcon Vda De Caceres Victoria  Moquegua N° 242, Urb. Bolognesi  
José Pascual Viacava Menendez Av. Pinto Nº 385
Condori Pari Leonor Del Rosario Av. Coronel Mendoza N° 1560 A  
Chire Choque Silvia Irene  Calle Atahualpa 115 Pasaje Miguel Grau  
Plaza Hotel E.I.R.LTDA.  Av. San Martín 421
Velasco Caipa Vanesa  Calle Patricio Meléndez 574  
Hostal Inclan S.R.L.  Coronel Inclan Nº 171  
Empresa de Servicios Turísticos Copacabana S.A.C. Calle Arias Araguez Nº 370
Ibarra de Chavez Ana Maria Jr. Ayacucho N° 88  
Rojas de Vizcarra Maria Celina Calle Hipolito Unanue 481 Tacna  
Anahua Mamani Ruben Av. Leguia 455 Ci. Cercado  
Quinonez Paxi Trinidad Calle Calana-Piedra Blanca A Pachia Km 8  
Pacheco Pacheco Maria Francisca Av. San Martin Nº 876  
Turismo de Frontera El Tablon S.R.L. Calle Principal Cpm. Leguia 7 Urb. Los Granados  
Zea de Mendoza Florentina Calle Tarata 614 Urb. Bacigalupo  
Condori Vargas Elias Calle Olga Grohoman 1961 P.j. Miguel Grau  
Representaciones Prigadanic S.R.L. Av. 17 de Mayo 940 Ag. Cpm Augusto.b Leguia  
Servicios Turisticos Chaska E.I.R.L. Calle Patricio Melendez 587  
Zapata de la Cruz Zoila Iris Calle 2 de Diciembre 360 Urb. Vigil  
Cañi Lopez  Francisco Av. Coronel Mendoza N° 1425 - C  
Triveño De Tenorio Rosa Margarita Av. Litoral Mza A Lte 4  
Inversiones Turisticas Sudamerica S.A.C Calle HipolitoI Hunanue Mza C  
Hostal Los Olivos S.A.C. Av. Jorge Basadre N° 20  
Iruri Quispillo Martha Betty Av. Coronel Mendoza Nº 1337 (2do. Piso)
Maximos Hotel SAC. Calle Arias Araguez Nº 272  
Hostal Katy   Calle America N° 955
Inversiones Parodi S.A.C. Calle Arias Araguez Nº 482
Benavides Morriberon A Gilda Danieta Calle Modesto Basadre 893 Ci.  
Cielo Azul E.I.R.L. Calle 28 De Julio N° 194  
Puma Tunque Arturo Av. Bolognesi N° 701  
Orva S.R.L Calle Arias Araguez N° 304  
El Mesón S.R.L. Calle Hipólito Unánue 175
Hostal Hogar S.A. Calle 28 de Julio N° 146  
Empresa Turistica y Hotelera Costa Sur E.I.R.L. Av. Bolognesi 701  
Holiday Suites S.A. Servicios Turísticos Calle Alto de Lima Nº 1472
Luxor Com S.A.C. Calle Hipólito Unanue Nº 106
Curi Cordova De Gonzalez Leonor Calle VIigil N° 965  
Hospedaje Estrellita E.I.R.L  Prlg.Hipolito Unanue Mza C Lte. 32 s/n  
Residencial Verónica  Calle Melgar 1249.
Primavera Plaza Hotel   Prolongación Carlos Armando Laura, Urb. Viacava Mz A Lt 3
Angello Spa E.I.R.L.   Calle s/n (A espaldas Av. Tarapaca 379)

How to move on?

The airport has taxi services of the Asociacion de taxis N° 10(Taxi Association No.10). They have 30 taxis available and you can coordinate with them any service within the city. In addition, main hotels in Tacna have pick up service for their guests from the airport to the hotel.

If you want another option you can contact the Radio Taxi Royal Express company (052)40 1062 - 952 928918 - 952 333406 - #702881 - 952 387719.

If you prefer to rent a car or van you can use the services of the following companies: 


Tacna is located in the Peruvian coastal desert, so its climate is temperate with an average temperature of 18.6 °C, which can reach a maximum of 23.5 °C and a minimum of 12.5 ° C. We recommend you to wear light clothing and warmer clothes for evening hours.