Rodríguez Ballón International Airport

The Aeropuerto Internacional Rodríguez Ballón (Rodríguez Ballón International Airport) is located at only eight kilometers from the city downtown, between 15-25 minutes away, depending on the chosen route. It is the most important airport within Aeropuertos Andinos and the third air terminal in number of users (passenger flow) in the country, after Lima and Cusco airports. In recent years, this airport has received about one million passengers of which 10% is made up of international tourists and foreign executives.


Its geographic location, offers domestic connections with other regions of Peru as Tacna, Juliaca, Cusco, and Lima, and international flights to Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta and Santiago in Chile.


Its architecture evokes the Arequipa city due to the use of vaults and ashlar in the construction. It has a completely paved runway of almost three kilometers in length that could receive a BOEING 747. The runway lighting and the approach lighting system provide total safety to night landings and takeoffs.


The Aeropuerto Internacional Rodríguez Ballón facilities include a seven floor control tower, a two floor passenger terminal and a main hall where passengers can find restaurants, cafes, a lounge, a VIP lounge, telephone booths, ATM’s and Wi-Fi service.


The airport has electronic panels, LCD screens, public address system and general information counters in order to keep its users informed.


PromPerú has installed an iPerú office at the airport in order to provide guidance and assistance to tourists.


At the main hall you will find travel agency stands resolving any queries from tourists and visitors.


The airport has handicrafts stores of the region and other regions which products are delivered specially packaged to transport them in the airplane. Magazine, CDs, videos, liquors and Arequipa desserts stores, including the famous marzipans and chocolates from La Iberica, are located in the main hall.