Turismo - Juliaca


Three thousand years ago, in the territory now occupied by Juliaca and under Qaluyo culture influence, locals, farmers and guinea pig and llama breeders, built camellones or waruwarus to grow their food on the lake shores.


Other culture remains as Pukara, Tiahuanaco and Colla, which was defeated by the Inca Empire, during the Pachacutec and his son Mayta Capac reign, have been found in the area.


During colonial times, Juliaca was a distribution and in 1826, Bolívar named it as Villa de Comercio o de Tránsito (Trade or Transit Villa). Today it is a thriving city which industrial and commercial development, driven by informal gold mining, has become an attractive destination for workers from nearby areas. 

Tourist attractions

Juliaca city looks, as its main architectural monument, the Santa Catalina colonial temple, built in the seventeenth century by the Jesuits.


Visitors can appreciate the Cristo Blanco, imposing statue made of reinforced concrete at the end of the last century, when they observe the city in a panoramic view from the Mirador de Waynarroque.   


When you visit the Laguna de Chacas (Chacas Lagoon), located at 10 km in north Juliaca, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and Iquinito hill, the highest on the Collao plateau with 4.565 meters above the sea level.


The Juliaca Carnival, organized in February, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city and the maximum expression of high Andean folklore. Streets, homes and businesses are decorated for receive the twenty-five thousand national and foreign musicians and dancers from the region, who parade long hours, up to 15 hours, the seven-day celebration.


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Main hotels, as Suites y Hotel Don Carlos and Royal Inn have good international restaurants.


Another option is El Asador Point that opens from 6pm and is well known in the city for their grills, chicken, pastas and pizzas.


For lunch you can choose between the El Tablón poulterer"s restaurant and Restaurante Dominó, which offers regional and international cuisine.


Other restaurants in the city are the following:

  • Pizzeria Ukukus
  • Bar Café Remembranzas
  • Balcones de Puno, Incabar
  • Sabor Criollo Casa Grill
  • El Caserio de Huaje
  • Utamaru Jutma
  • Colors Restaurant
  • Don Piero Restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • La Hostería
  •  Tulipans Restaurant
  • Restaurant Giorgios
  • Lago de Flores
  • Hacienda Restaurante
  • Pizzeria Andina
  • Mojsa Restaurante
  • La Cayma Restaurant
  • Tradiciones del Lago
  • Ekekos Restaurant-Pizza
  •  La Casona Restaurant,
  • El Cilindro Rest.
  • Colonial El Buen Sabor
  • La Kantuta
  • El Buen Sabor
  • La Estancia
  • La Cabañita
  • Bahamas
  • Suri
  • Los Portales


Suites Don Carlos and Hotel Don Carlos are two options to stay in Juliaca in comfortable three-star hotels. Both belong to a national hotel chain and provide comfortable rooms and Internet services and cable television. www.hotelesdoncarlos.com/doncarlossuites


Also you can choose the Hotel Royal Inn, telephone (51) (51) 321561 or La Maison Hotel, telephone (51) (51) 321444

How to move on?

If you want to rent a car, contact the following companies:

  • Del Sur Rent a Car, telephones 951 660191 – (51)(051) 32 2325
  • Edloza E.I.R.L, telephones 951 512342 - 973 988620 - (51)(051) 32 3117
  • Drews, telephones 951 844392 - 951 731414 - 951 359555


Juliaca has shuttle service lines as Taxis Los Tigres (51) (051) 327272.


If you dare to try a different transport, the city is full of motorcycle taxis and tricycles, very popular to getting around.


Juliaca is known as the Windy City because winds are frequent and intense. The climate is generally dry and cold. The temperature ranges between 17 ° C and - 0.9 ° C.  During the rainy season, between January and March, Juliaca presents hailstorms, snowfalls, thunders, and lightning, but rains are moderate.