Coronel FAP Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa International Airport

The Aeropuerto Internacional Coronel FAP Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa is located at only five kilometers from downtown, on the border between Peru and Chile. Its paved runway measures 2.500 meters in length per 45 meters in width, so it can receive BOEING 747-100B aircrafts.


This air terminal operates from 6.00 am to 22.00 pm. The runway lighting and approach lighting system provide total safety to night landings and takeoffs. Its five-floor control tower measures 18 meters in height. 


Tacna airport has a two-floor passenger terminal and in their main hall you can find 8 counters, one VIP lounge, four airline offices, a restaurant and commercial stores with typical products of the region. Its boarding area has 181 seats.


PromPerú has installed an iPerú office at its main hall and Arrival Hall in order to provide guidance and assistance to tourists arriving at this airport.


Currently, the Airport receives domestic commercial flights from LAN Perú and Peruvian Airlines companies. It also provides services to private flights from and to other cities as Cusco, Arequipa nationwide and worldwide.


It has Customs offices, Migrations Office and a Police Station, since it is an international airport.


The security within the airport terminal is guaranteed by National Police officers and agents of a private security company.


We have Airport Security Officers at the Boarding Lounge, who are responsible for inspecting passengers and their hand baggage, through a gantry metal detector and an X-ray machine. This inspection will help you to have a safe journey to your destination.


The parking area of Tacna airport has more than 8,600 square meters in size and allows the movement and parking of 145 vehicles.